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Ensis Soft Top Rock'N'Roll Friendly 117L wing board

Original price £995.00 - Original price £1,049.00
Original price
£995.00 - £1,049.00
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Size: 117L

Exceptional stability, control and comfort

The ROCK'N'ROLL Soft Top builds on the success of the original ROCK'N'ROLL board, providing superior stability and control thanks to its unique design. This board is ideal for those just starting to explore the sport, as well as for kids and schools.

The ROCK’N’ROLL Soft Top provides stability, balance, control, and acceleration while on the water. The larger sizes (137L +) have a centre US Box and extra-long foil boxes for flexible foil placement.

The deck and rail are covered with a soft EVA pad, providing comfort and durability for kneeling. Experience the excitement of wing foiling and the joy of dancing on the water while making significant progress in no time.

Smooth touchdowns
In case of a touchdown, the wide nose is kicked up to enable easy and smooth landings, making it easy to get back up on the foil.

Comfort and protection
The EVA foam padding on the deck and rails makes kneeling comfortable and falling on the board less painful. Additionally, the soft top protects the board from damage.

Center fin setup
This is the perfect set-up for beginner wing foiling. The centre fin box aids in staying upwind and maintaining a straight line. Applicable to sizes 137 and 167. ( Fin not included)

Foil position options
An extra-long foil box is available to ensure the perfect foil position based on rider weight, level, and wind conditions. Smaller board sizes (37, 67) come with a standard foil box.

Durable fiberglass carbon construction
The board's fibreglass construction is reinforced with carbon layers at the nose, tail, and standing area. All inserts and the foil box are additionally strengthened to ensure durability.

Footstraps options
As you advance, you can enjoy outstanding versatility with numerous front foot strap settings.


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