Surf Wax

Surfboard wax, getting the right temperature wax for the water is important, so we stock selection of waxes from sex wax, sticky bumps and palmers. Also wax combs and wax removing pickles to clean your board.
Creatures of Leisure Wax Comb - Boardworx

Creatures of Leisure Wax Comb


The Creatures Of Leisure Wax Tool is a handy little tool that contains a fin key to tighten up or take out your fin screws. A wax comb to rough up...

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Pickle surf wax remover - Boardworx

Pickle surf wax remover


Surfboard wax remover (Biodegradable) The Pickle Wax Remover. The Pickle Wax Remover is the easiest and quickest ways to remove surf wax from any ...

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Sexwax Quick Humps Green - Boardworx

Sexwax Quick Humps Green


Sexwax quick humps green 3x soft cool to mid warm water 14-23 degree's

Sexwax Quick Humps Purple - Boardworx

Sexwax Quick Humps Purple


Sexwax quick humps purple 2x extra soft cold to cool water 9-20 degree's

Sexwax Quick Humps Red - Boardworx
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Sexwax Quick Humps Red


Sexwax quick humps Red 5X Hard Mild to Warm 21-29 degree's Also makes great base coat wax for cool and cold waters

Sticky Bumps Tour Series Cool - Cold Surf Wax - Boardworx

Sticky Bumps Tour Series Cool - Cold Surf Wax


Sticky Bumps Tour Series Surf Wax Cool to Cold Water Original Cool to cold : waters below 69F 20CSticky Bumps was the first traction added wax tha...

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