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SexWax Surf products

Mr Zoggs the original surfwax brand since the early 1970's, Anyone who has ever surfed will know the legendary Sex Wax brand. SexWax started out making surfboard wax and still does to the current day, but is now also well know for its wax scented car air fresheners and classic logo tee shirts.
Pickle surf wax remover - Boardworx

Pickle surf wax remover


Surfboard wax remover (Biodegradable) The Pickle Wax Remover. The Pickle Wax Remover is the easiest and quickest ways to remove surf wax from any ...

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Sex Wax Air freshener - Boardworx

Sex Wax Air freshener


Sex Wax air freshener, hang it in the car or any where you want. The lovely smell of Surf Sex Wax be it Grape, Pineapple, strawberry, Coconut. Colo...

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Sexwax Black Beach Towel - Boardworx

Sexwax Black Beach Towel


Sexwax Terry jacquard Beach Towel 100% Cotton Velour Jacquard Beach Towel. These towels are plush, absorbent, and large. The size of each towel is...

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SexWax Candle 4oz Surf Wax Scented - Boardworx

SexWax Candle 4oz Surf Wax Scented


Sexwax Candle fragrances are available in Coconut, Strawberry, or Grape. These candles have lead free wicks and are contained within a 4 ounce clea...

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Sexwax Quick Humps Green - Boardworx

Sexwax Quick Humps Green


Sexwax quick humps green 3x soft cool to mid warm water 14-23 degree's

Sexwax Quick Humps Purple - Boardworx

Sexwax Quick Humps Purple


Sexwax quick humps purple 2x extra soft cold to cool water 9-20 degree's

Sexwax Quick Humps Red - Boardworx

Sexwax Quick Humps Red


Sexwax quick humps Red 5X Hard Mild to Warm 21-29 degree's Also makes great base coat wax for cool and cold waters

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