Wetsuit Temperature Guide

Welcome to the Boardworx wetsuit temperature guide, this guide gives you an idea of which type and thickness of wetsuit will best suit your needs, depending on your sport and time in the water.

6°C below - 6mm hooded winter wetsuit, boots and gloves.

9°C to 13°C - 5/4mm or 5/3mm winter wetsuit, boots and gloves.

11°C to 14°C - 4mm winter wetsuit and boots.

15°C to 17°C - 3mm GBS full  summer wetsuit

17°C to 20°C - 3/2mm shorty/spring wetsuit.

18°C + - boardshorts UV rash guard, 1mm neoprene top.

Please note this is only a guide, as water and air temperature, as well as peoples cold tolerance all factor in.

Wetsuit Entries.

This is the way that you will get into your wetsuit, the 3 main styles are:

Back Zip entry the easiest  way into a wetsuit but limits the suit stretch.

Chest Zip or front zip a small zip across the chest of the wetsuit gives the suit more flexibility and less flushing.

Zip Less or zip free has no zip at all, the suit is sealed by a barrier and a cinch cord over the shoulder these are the best wetsuits for performance and stretch.


Wetsuit Terms Explained

GBS = glued & blind stitched a watertight seam construction.

Flatlock = a strong seam stitching but perforates the neoprene so seam leak.

Taping = an extra layer glued on the inside of the wetsuit seam to keep the suit watertight for longer.

Thermal lined = a layer on the inside of the wetsuit that traps air and heat with quick drying properties.