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Kitesurfing Equipment

We have been kitesurfing since day one. View our huge range of kitesurfing equipment, New and second hand kitesurfing equipment. We stock the best brands from around the world. Boardworx is one of the longest and most established kiting shops in the UK.

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Kitesurfing Kitesurf kite equipment.

The Boardworx water sports shop in the UK has been selling kites, surfboards and twin tips for the last twenty years. We carry all the latest kitesurfing from the world of top brands and are always here to offer advise to our customers to have the best water sports experience.

Kitesurfing equipment

The store has a huge selection of kitesurf equipment for different winds, twin-tips of different sizes, harnesseswetsuits and all the spare parts you may need. We sell the best kites from the top brands. You can find leading brands from Core Kites, f oneDuotoneNorthSabFoil, Mystic and more in-store and online. We only stock the best the best brands. We try to give you the best price on any kite in stock, these are often on end-of-season sale; let's get a kite out and inflate it, have fun, and did I mention we offer advice?

We sell beginner kitesurfing packages at the best price; once you are up and riding, we have everything you need to complete your kite hardware. You will always get a better price on a kiteboard for kiteboarding, wetsuits, kitesurf accessories and kite gear if bought at the same time.

We have a huge stock of kitesurfing, wave/freeride secondhand kite equipment; some are ex-demo and kiteboards, and others are traded in, yes! We will trade in / part exchange your used kites as long as it is in good condition, as long as they have no repairs, and are no older than three years old. All products have free postage. We check all used kitesurf gear. A second-hand kite is inflated and checked for any air leaks. The secondhand kiteboarding products are checked for damage before leaving the shop. We keep a good selection of used kitesurfing bits and pieces, often on sale at a great price.

Control bars, kite surf bars.

The kitesurf control bar is an essential piece of kitesurf equipment for the sport of kitesurfing. The kite bar can be pushed away by sliding there kite control bar up the depower line, extending the power lines and changing the kite's angle, which quickly depowers the kite by extending the rear power lines. A kite control bar usually has all the lines the same length, or the kite lines end at the same point. Most kite control bars have a quick-release system. This is activated by pulling or pushing the quick-release system on the chicken loop. Once the kite has been safely landed using the safety line, steering lines and kite lines can be checked, and then the quick release can be secured, and the kite can be launched again. The kite control bar should always be used with a safety leash. Depending on ability, the bar width may vary. Always check you have the right line setup for your kite, you have the correct line length

Kitesurfing harnesses.

We can offer the best advice on a kite surf harness before you purchase. Bring in your wetsuit to make sure the fit is perfect.

Board-worx shop is the best water sports and kiting shop in the uk.

A great UK shop. Where the staff are kiters, discuss the wind and weather—kiting etc.

Great customer satisfaction.

Good stock of kitesurf equipment and accessories on sale. the equipment we sell

We also sell and ride kiteboarding equipment, wing boards, windsurf boards, and paddle boards for beginners, intermediates and experts.