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Everything you need for windsurfing can be found here, if you don't see what you need please contact us at the shop.


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Windsurfing at Boardworx

This is where our whole journey started, after learning to windsurf on hoilday abroad our love for the sport was born. Due to this being an exciting new sport back in the 80's it was hard to buy kit in the UK so Whitstable Windsurfing was founded.

We have seen many changes to this great watersport over the years and this has helped us gain a wealth of knowledge, We have been selling the best and most advanced Board and Sail brands since the start of windsurfing.

As more boardsports started we found ourselves now selling more than just windsurfing equimpent, so we decided that the shop name needed to change to reflect our range of watersports we are now selling, so we changed the shop and website name to Boardworx.

Today we are still one of the biggest windsurfing stores in the UK and we are still working with the best and most current brands.

North - Severne - Fanatic - Ezzy - Starboard - Duotone - Gaastra

We are one of the longest-established windsurfing shops in the United Kingdom. We were called Whitstable windsurfing and started selling windsurfing equipment in 1982.

We sell Starboard, Severne and Fanatic. Severne windsurf boards have become one of the most technically advanced boards made for the windsurfing market. 

We are very privileged to sell North Sails. Carbon-formed black windsurfing sails, with no seams or extra reinforcement, have made this sail a game changer. North has not only pushed into the advanced wing foiling of foiling but is now at the cutting edge of windsurfing sails, masts and booms. 

Boardworx carries extensive windsurfing mast extensions, including the Duotone ratchet mast extensions. We have a vast selection of Chinook masts, booms and extensions. Chinook makes some of the most robust windsurfing equipment. Their history of creating some of the most substantial windsurfing masts, booms and extensions is legendary.

We have sold Ga or Gaastra windsurfing sails for many years, and you can often get great deals on last year's windsurfing equipment if you are looking for a previous year's bargain. Ga has been winning world cup events for decades so that you can buy confidently.

There is always a good selection of masts and windsurfing booms. 

We carry a wide selection of windsurfing fins or skegs: wave fins, slalom fins and race fins. We sell various lengths of Tuttle and power box fins for your windsurfing discipline.

We sometimes part-exchange used windsurfing equipment. You can often get a great deal on some second-hand windsurfing equipment.

If you can not find what you are looking for please contact the Boardworx team and we will be happy to help if any questions or advice you may need, or you can vist us in the store based by the seafront in Whitstable Kent UK.