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Duotone Slick SLS Wing Package

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Size: 4.5m Red Blue

Introducing the revolutionary Slick SLS... This generation of Slick Wings utilizes Strong / Light / Superior (SLS) technology with a multitude of design and performance upgrades based on the Mini Boom concept.

These advantages over other available models are unparalleled! With this system, you get enhanced control over profile and luffing and an integrated connection to the wing through its iconic Mini Boom feature.

The new Slick SLS allows for total authority while taking advantage of all that a centre strut offers -- better control has never been this easy or accessible before now!

Introducing the Duotone Slick Foil Wing: a next-generation wing that builds upon its predecessor's renowned SLS technology with exceptional design and performance enhancements.

Our most beloved model is now lighter with improved lift and stability, making it easier to use. You'll be amazed by the smoothness that keeps you on the water for hours!

With PentaTX material throughout the leading edge and strut, you'll experience incredibly precise and responsive feedback at your fingertips. It's no secret that Duotone Kiteboarding is a fan of this innovative tech - it's lighter and stiffer, thereby giving you sharper reactions with more precisely responsive results!

Using a segmented leading edge, designer Ken Winner has boosted stiffness and rigidity in the mid-section with stronger material. This ensures power transfer is direct and the wing has a higher degree of responsiveness.

Unleash your potential with the Slick SLS and its revolutionary mini-boom! You will always have an array of hand placements, ensuring you're properly positioned for basic sailing manoeuvres and daring aerobatic tricks. This intuitive design gives you boundless control over every move on the water - enabling greater precision than ever before.

Embark on an epic adventure with the all-new Slick SLS model for 2022! Featuring a modern shape that offers greater luffing stability when riding waves and going downwind, expect to feel increased power while you're in midair performing jumps. With its exclusive design, rotational moves become simpler than ever before; you'll be able to feel the difference thanks to less drag from your wingtips!

This window layout slims the weight and ensures an unobstructed view of any blind spots. The tips and strut twist have been precisely adjusted to ensure maximum lift, superior control, tight canopy tension and flawless profile for a straightforward one-handed flight experience even in windy weather.

The mini boom is available in Aluminium or Carbon options and is compatible with the first-generation Slick wings.

The Slick is an intuitive wing that offers performance and speed, making it perfect for both novice learners and advanced professionals. With this innovative tool, you can quickly progress to pro-level moves!


Utilizing our groundbreaking Mini Boom on centre strut design gives you the best of both worlds - infinite hand placement and manoeuvrability for any freeride or freestyle move while having a neutral drift and an effortless surfing experience during downwinders. This combination is truly unbeatable!

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Carl Hudson
great product, great value

supa quick delivery, excellent on the phone, right price, thanks