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Duotone Evo SLS Kitesurfing Kite 2023

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Duotone Evo SLS Kitesurfing Kite 2023

If you're searching for optimal performance in myriad areas, the Evo SLS is the perfect kite to add to your gear. Crafted with a foundation of durable and lightweight Penta TX material as well Trinity TX for weight reduction up to 15% compared to standard models, this kite was engineered with ultimate performance in mind.

Not only is the kite lightweight, its construction also makes it more rigid, allowing for improved flying dynamics in all aspects. With this feature, you get a bigger ‘pop’ off the water and longer hangtime; plus, with Flex Struts that twist during turns, your handling will become much faster and tighter than before! The non-pulley bridle adds manoeuvrability when performing loops, so there needs to be less maintenance and better control.

When you fly the Evo SLS, it becomes like an extension of your body; total control is at your fingertips, no matter what trick or manoeuvre you're attempting. With this versatile kite and its impressive performance level, riders can comfortably take on big air tricks, freeride moves, hooked freestyle stunts and even wave riding - meaning every time they hit the water, they'll be able to experience a perfect dream come true!

Duotone Evo SLS Tech Features


The Flex Struts, situated between the middle and tip struts, offer a perfect balance for SLS kites. They provide an unparalleled combination of strength from five-strut kites with the agility of three-strut designs. Crafted out of softer material designed to bend and twist a certain way, these Flex Struts can swiftly convert steering impulses into easy turning actions - creating an incredibly reactive flying experience!


For a sportier, more precise and stronger experience with your kite, there is no better choice than Penta TX. This revolutionary material weighs 15% less overall while being five times as resistant to tearing compared to Dacron. It also boasts an impressive 50% decrease in elongation for increased structural stiffness—making every flight perfect!

In gusty weather, the Penta TX technology applied to leading edge and center strut ensures a secure kite structure with less distortion. As if driving a sports car, this feature provides incredible precision when edging, releasing an edge or navigating in any direction. Its reliability makes it the ideal choice for all steering impulses!


We have engineered a narrower trailing edge with lighter materials to reduce wear and create a more efficient kite profile.


The leading edge of kites are extremely resilient due to the unique Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam. This seam is constructed with Dacron material and reinforced with a self-adhesive Insignia Tape, while double stitching further secures it in place. It can withstand incredibly high tensions as well as diagonal forces - making it ideal for any aerial adventure!


The Duotone Evo SLS 2023 kite boasts improved geometry, making it capable of resisting greater forces. To manage these enhanced power levels and maintain the aerodynamic shape in all circumstances, special Load-Distribution-Panels are used to spread the strain applied to the material effectively. As a result, riders enjoy an unparalleled level of consistency when riding this sensational kite - no matter how extreme the situation!


This design precisely distributes the pressure between the strut and the leading edge. The struts are firmly attached to the lead edge with a flexible Dyneema line, which helps create a cleaner profile while elevating tension for an optimal canopy experience.

Trailing edge

Our Trailing Edge Force Control ensures optimal power distribution between the different materials of a kite, with tension directed appropriately. Since 2013 we've been utilizing higher and wider waves to eradicate stress points where Dacron trailing edge meets Trinity TX Canopy material. This refined structure lessens fluttering marks for an extended lifespan and adds durability.


In an offshore breakdown, you can quickly locate the self-rescue handles inside each wingtip for a hassle-free journey back to land. These ergonomic grips provide comfortable support during your own personal rescue manoeuvre.


With Anti Snag webbing, the lines stay away from the tip of the kite, making water starts simpler and overall safety higher.



By distributing the force of each line connection through the pigtails, the fatigue-related risk is minimized, and distortion is reduced. As a result, steering with Duotone Evo 2023 kite becomes smoother and more effortless.



The kook proof line connections offer peace of mind by ensuring that you'll never make the mistake of rigging your kite incorrectly.

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