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Click Bar Duotone Kite Kitesurfing Lines 2023

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Size: Medium 22/24m

The New 2023 Click Bar from Duotone, with its new smaller Iron heart and Backline Trim Unit, was a game-changer when it hit the market; the design has been refined over the years, and it’s become the benchmark in kite control systems.

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Duotone Click Kite Bar 2023

You can trim your kite using Duotone's flagship control system with your hands on the bar. Years ago, this kite bar revolutionised the kitesurf industry with the new Iron Heart VI Click-In Safety System and FLITE99 lines. The new 2023 Duotone Click control bar kite is even better, thanks to the upgrades.

A game-changer when it first came to the market, the Click Bar with its Backline Trim Unit has been perfected over the years, and it has become a standard in kite control systems worldwide. Introducing the new Iron Heart VI for 2023, a new safety system called a Click-In Safety System. Each time, the chicken loop can be pushed into the Iron Heart VI for easy connection.

Click Bar and Line sizes. 

You can choose between the medium size with a 49 cm bar and 22 m lines with 2m extensions or the small size with a 42 cm wide bar and 20 m lines with 2m extensions. In addition, you can choose from a medium Click Bar setup with 12m lines and 12m extensions. This setup is ideal for kite schools.

20 M - 70% HANDLING / 30% POWER

  • For fast, responsive and agile turns
  • For freestyle, wake style and wave riding
  • For tight, fast and hard kite loops
  • For narrower bars

The 22 M version of the product combines 60% handling power with 40% power.

  • Responds quickly to rider input
  • Perform fast kiteloops
  • Favourite choice of our freestylers
  • Ideal for waves
  • It has a narrow bar

The 24m line set s a 50/50 split between power and handling.

  • The most versatile length
  • Great for freeride
  • It has an excellent low-end and a fast turn
  • Can handle high jumps
  • Recommended for one bar quiver

Flite 99 Kite lines

Additionally, you can quickly inspect the leader lines of the bar by simply removing the floater. The progressive pigtails are designed with reduced sleeving only where required. This enables the kite to be connected more quickly and reduces the drag and weight in the air at a critical connection point. Robline's FLITE99 lines offer a direct steering response due to reducing friction through the air.


You can easily adjust the new V Distributor III to determine how the front line will split quickly so that you can set it up easily. Furthermore, it can also be removed easily, allowing you to get a very low V; this enables the Click Bar to work with most kites out there. It is equipped with a Suicide Ring leash connection system that allows you to ride it safely or set it up to be self-contained for unhooked riding.

With the CLICK BAR, you can tweak the length of the kite in precise increments, with no more grabbing and pulling; you can trim it to your preference.

Chicken loop and dig are sold separately. 

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