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Core XR8 Kitesurfing Kite

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Size: 5m

The Core XR8 is an exceptional kite that allows you to achieve breathtaking jumps and the longest hang time. Its ultra-stiff 5-strut frame is designed in a Deltabow shape, providing a superior upwind performance. The kite's entire airframe has been fine-tuned with significantly stiffer ExoTex 2 material, enabling smaller leading edge and strut diameters. This makes the kite more agile and responsive with better bar feedback. You can experience an unprecedented level of high ride comfort and control with the XR8's effortless and forgiving handling. Moreover, the kite offers explosive jump forces and a superior upwind performance.
The XR8 kite is designed to take your kiting experience to new heights. With an earlier and smoother catch, loops become more efficient. Its CoreTex 2 canopy is highly durable and has an extremely low-stretch, providing unparalleled flight stability, power, and control.
The Core XR-8 kite is designed with durability and strength in mind, using advanced materials that exceed industry standards. ExoTex 2 provides an 80% increase in tear resistance, while CoreTex 2 boasts an impressive 300% increase in tear resistance. These features ensure the XR8 delivers excellent performance in every session.

Despite the improvements, the XR comfort and character remain unchanged. This kite is an excellent choice for kiters of all levels. Beginners will appreciate the reliable sheet-and-go functionality, while experienced riders will enjoy the XR’s huge range and extended hang times.
You have complete freedom to use the Core XR-8 kite in any style you prefer!

ExoTex Dacron is a fabric that has been designed to improve the performance of kites. It features a new vertical thread structure and emulsion process that makes it stronger than other fabrics.

This strength allows Core to reduce the leading edge and strut diameters of the kite without compromising its stiffness, stability, or lift. In fact, the reduced strut diameters actually improve the kite's flight performance, making it more responsive to rider input and easier to pivot. Overall, ExoTex Dacron is an innovative material that helps Core kites perform at their best.

The CoreTex Ripstop fabric has been specifically designed for the CORE brand, and is fortified with three different coating processes for added protection and strength. This innovative fabric has set new standards in load tests, tear resistance, longevity and UV protection. You will notice the superior quality of the CoreTex fabric during your kite-flying session, as it provides a crisp and reliable experience. That's why it was an obvious choice for the XR-8 kite.

The Intelligent ARC is inspired by nature, specifically a bird's ability to glide for long periods without flapping its wings. Similarly, the Riot XR-8 spreads its wings when the bar is pulled in, allowing for optimised aerodynamics and an intelligent design.

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The Core XR-8 kite, including its powerful down stroke for early planing, reduced shear forces, and efficient upwind ability. When depowered, the kite's projected surface is reduced, making it more agile and allowing for precise turns, which makes it ideal for riding in waves.

Thanks to the Core Intelligent System (CIT), the XR-8 kite can be customized to suit any riding style or level. The turning speed, kite feedback levels, and bar pressure can be adjusted within seconds using the CIT.

The Speed Valve 2 makes pumping up and deflating the kite quick and easy, thanks to its large flow of air. The Core XR-8 LW (Lightwind Edition) kite is designed for improved light wind performance, agility, and ride joy, even in winds less than 10 knots. The Short Bridle System provides direct bar feeling and dynamic feedback, enabling real kite loops during light wind sessions.

The XR-8 LW has a flatter flight profile, allowing it to accelerate faster and produce additional propulsion even in light winds. The thinner tubes and CoreTex Light-Fabric used in its construction make it light as a feather yet strong enough to hold its own when the wind picks up. The kite's turning speed can be adjusted at the tips by moving a little knot.

The XR-8 Lightwind has thinner tubes, making it more flexible and responsive to rider commands. The Ultra-Light Tips have reduced Dacron material in specific areas for protection during launching and landing.

The Core XR-8 kite is perfect for freeride, easy riding, hangtime, freestyle, and wave riding. Its features include direct and fast turning, easy jumping ability, crisp ride experience, massive depower, one-pump system, massive jump height, and low drag lightwind design.

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