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O'Neill Women's Epic II 3/2mm Black/Floral Wetsuit

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Size: UK 10S
Wetsuit Entry: Back Zip

O'Neill Women's Epic II 3/2mm Black/Floral Wetsuit

The O'Neill Epic 3/2mm Back Zip Women's wetsuit has been added to the 2022 epic range featuring top-notch design and construction. Ideal for those who frequently engage in water activities from April to November in UK waters, the 3mm wetsuit version is perfect for summer use.

The suit is made completely of UltraFlex neoprene, providing a great fit that keeps you warm. Additionally, the super stretchy neoprene ensures flexibility in the water, reducing fatigue.

The wetsuit has a Fluidflex Firewall that is a thermal panel on the chest and back. This panel traps your body heat and helps you stay warm. Additionally, the smooth skin on the chest and back blocks cold winds, which helps maintain your body heat. Overall, this is a high-quality wetsuit that provides excellent value.



Make sure to rinse your wetsuit with fresh cold water after each use and then hang it on the provided hanger in a shaded area to dry. Avoid hanging your wetsuit on a wire hanger or exposing it to direct sunlight.


If you are struggling to put on your wetsuit, you could try putting a plastic bag or sock over your foot before sliding it into the leg hole.

It is recommended that you do not remove your wetsuit while standing on rough surfaces such as gravel or grass. Instead, it is suggested to use the O’Neill Wetsuit Change Mat or place a towel on the ground to stand on.

After unzipping the back zip or Zen zip wetsuits, be sure to fold the Velcro on the neck seal back onto itself. This will prevent the Velcro hooks from catching, scratching, or causing damage to the surrounding neoprene.

To prevent mould, it is recommended that you hang your wetsuit to dry and store it in a well-ventilated area. Avoid folding the wetsuit when storing it. If hanging is not an option, rolling the wetsuit is a better alternative to folding.

It is important to rinse the wetsuit with fresh cold water. Avoid washing it with hot water, drying it directly under sunlight, or leaving it in the car trunk for extended periods. Excessive heat can damage the neoprene material and glues and cause a reduction in fabric stretch, flex, and durability.

It's important to only wear wetsuits in saltwater and avoid using them in chlorinated pools. Additionally, never use a washing machine, dryer, iron, bleach, or professional dry cleaner to clean them.

To eliminate the odour of your wetsuit caused by dampness or urine, use the O'Neill Change Mat or a bucket filled with cold water to soak your wetsuit inside out using a specialised wetsuit cleaner. Make sure to lubricate the every few months.


Place the wetsuit's front side down on the ground.

Fold arms across the body.

Roll legs pointing up towards the neck and behind the body. Do not fold the wetsuit through the middle of the chest, back, or smoothie panels to avoid creases. Rolling the wetsuit, you will not get creases in the wetsuit.

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