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Mystic Stealth hard shell H2OUT waist harness

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Size: M
Color: Black

Take a look at the new Mystic Stealth H2OUT Kitesurfing Waist Harness at

This is Kite only and your need the stealth bar of your choice to go with it, to make it complete

The future of kitesurfing harnesses, the new Mystic Stealth H2Out Kitesurfing Harness is a combination of the best parts of the Mystic Majestic X and Mystic Legend harnesses, making the Stealth the world's best kiting harness, probably!

Developed using state-of-act materials and manufacturing techniques, beginning with Mystic's patented Bionic Core Frame, an unrivalled carbon composite construction that is uniquely stiff yet allows for much more flexibility than cnventional hard-shell harnesses.

Internally the Stealth Harness utilises Drytech Fix Foam designed to conform anatomically to the human back and furthermore does not absorb any water, ensuring a consistent lightweight!

*Fully compatible with the Mystic Clickebar and Mystic Stealth Bar (Hooked and Surf)


- Bionic Core Frame (Carbon Composite): A full carbon frame designed from the ground up using the highest quality carbon with a specified directional weave has allowed Mystic to create a frame that is extremely stiff horizontally while maintaining the torsional flex required for kitesurfing, allowing the the natural movements of the body without compromising upon any support
- Drytech: A unique lining material that does not absorb water ensuring harness remains lightweight even when wet
- Fix Foam: Molded anatomically to the shape of the lower back and designed to adjust to the specific rider to ensure the harness remains in place whilst riding with maximum comfort
- Belly Guards: Uniquely placed padding reduces chaffing and alleviates pressure points
- HP System Included: Plastic tubing reinforced with Dyneema rope to ensure a smooth glide from side to side
- Flexcovers 2.0: Constructed from a super stretch material with elastic binding to secure the webbing in place whilst riding and protects the buckles
- Spreaderbar Protector: Protects the battle belt and stomach from the spreader bar and stops any chafing
- Battle Belt 2.0 Waist Closure: Ensures that the harness doesn't move around whilst riding
- Key Pocket 2.0: A small external pocket for hold keys whilst out on the water
- Safety Knife included: Updated safer design with a float built into the strap