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FBC wrist wing foil Leash Black

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The FBC Wing Foiling Wrist leash is guaranteed to provide maximum longevity and performance than any other comparable leash on the market. Intelligently designed by experienced wing foilers, this wrist leash has been crafted with optimal strength and comfort in mind, along with its lightweight construction. All of our FBC products are tested rigorously in demanding conditions - where product durability and reliability remain a top priority for us!

  • 140cm (+30cm extra bit for handle leash or to make main leash 170cm)
  • 4mm neoprene for comfort
  • Dynaema buckle, strong and robust
  • Branded velcro strap
  • Strap lock system to prevent any unwanted undoing
  • Large tighten/release loop on strap. (also prevents it from passing through the dynamea buckle)
  • Hollow core Dyneema leash with high-density stranded elastic core = FBC’s ANTI SNATCH Leash technology.
  • Twin safety feature. A loop around the lashing point on the leading edge AND a secondary loop around the leading edge handle.
  • We combined leash/strap packages that work in harmony with each other.

On the FBC wing velcro, there are large webbing tabs to aid you in undoing the leash if you have cold hands or wearing wetsuit gloves. There is also a double locking system on the velcro to ensure it does not accidentally come undone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
david hockley

Great leash, safe. Secure. Comfortable.

Nissan Tsafrir
Shipping experience

I bought full wing foil gear, wetsuit and accessories from 5 different online shops. This was the last item and the only one without shipment tracking so it was unclear to me when I would get to the water.