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FBC Wing Board Foil Travel Bag

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£209.00 - £229.00
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Size: Medium

FBC Wing Board Foil Travel Bag.

After a few trips with the foiling gear, we knew there was so much scope for a fantastic product, and that’s where our FBC travel bag comes into play. We wanted to make a secure, compact, light and manageable bag. After hours of design, redesign and refinement, we are super pleased with the final product.
In the FBC travel bag, you can fit three wings, one complete foil setup, alternative front wings and rear stabs, nuts and bolts, and a foil board.

0mm padded 680D nylon (sides/bottom/tail) with our FBC Hex-Tech water-repellant material on the top. These combine to make a super tough yet light travel bag.

HD shoulder strap allowing for easy carrying. Once at the destination and the bag isn’t needed until the return, use this HD strap to wrap around the travel bag and compact it down.

Triple convenient carry handles make it much easier to move this bag on and off scales, trolleys and roof racks. A simple idea but hugely effective.

Padded removable foil leaf with designated padded pockets for two front wings, 3 rear stabs, one mast, and one fuselage. As well as this, we have a mesh pocket for all the nuts and bolts you could need.

Padded front and rear carry handles make it a dream to transport the travel bag.

Under the foil leaf, there are two tie-down straps. These can encompass the foil leaf as well as the board keeping everything secure and tight.

On top of the foil sleeve, we have engineered in enough space for 3 / 4 wings. This means everything is all in one convenient, protected, light weight bag.

Small Medium Large
Board Volume <80ltr 80 – 100ltr 100 – 125ltr
Length 165cm 175cm 195cm
Width 75cm 80cm 90cm
Weight 3.7kg 4.3kg 4.98kg

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