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EQ Seals Watersport Ear Plugs

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EQ Seals Ear plugs for surfers

Ear plugs, innovative design with a medical silicone membrane. Breathable and waterproof Sympatex® membrane maintains the hearing and balance capacities of the user.

The EQ EAR PLUGS were developed under medical supervision by ENT surgeons and engineers (received the EUROSIMA Technological award in 2010)

Q Seals (Sorky) Ear Plugs for Surfers

An innovative and creative design, the Seals Balance Pro is made of two elements: a body and Sympatex membrane. The body, made of a cup and an extension rib, is designed to be placed just behind the first curb of the auditory canal, purposely limiting pressure around the wall of the ear duct (meatus), offering a secure fit, comfort and waterproofness qualities. Once inserted in the ear, you will virtually forget about it, no more blocked ear feeling. The body is made of medical silicone, which is hypoallergenic, chlorine-proof, salt water-proof, water repellent and can withstand temperatures from -10C to 60C. The breathable and waterproof Sympatex membrane allows to maintain the hearing and balance capacities of the user, while protecting the ear from the external elements:

* 100% waterproof

* 100% windproof

* Optimal breathability

* 300% Elasticity

* Extreme mechanical resistance (abrasion, tear, and pull)

* Optimal density, micropore-free

* Tested durability

* Functional barrier

* Bacteria-proof (protocole 2.8.1989) : ATCC11229, ATCC26923

* Virus-proof (protocole N.933393-1) : H-patitis B and C, HIV as per ASTM ES22

* An ergonomic applicator allows an easy, safe and comfortable placement of the protection in the ear.

How do i stop ear infections and surfers ear ?

By wearing ear plugs you can help stop any ear infections from swimming and surfing in the sea, ear plugs will block out cold winds and water from entering your ears that can cause damage, and then lead onto surfers ear.

Eq ear plugs are used by many pro surfers

EQ Seals Video

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