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Ensis Score 2 Wing Foil 2023

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Size: 4.5m
Color: Blue

Ensis Score 2 Wing Foil Rigid Handles 2023

The new Ensis score 2 wing foiling wing has the same great DNA from the original score, but now has higher performance, oval handles, Mini battens to eliminate flutter and new sizes for 2023.

The ENSIS SCORE with rigid handles impresses with its easy handling and direct power. The perfect combination of stability, power and forward drive will get you flying before you know it. The wing is perfectly balanced and feels light in your hands. The stiff frame and high canopy tension provide great power even in very light winds and excellent stability in stormy conditions. The rigid handles, using the ENSIS Click Fix mounting system, are perfectly positioned on the strut and offer a comfortable and ergonomic grip for direct steering. You will be amazed at how easy and effortless the SCORE with rigid handles performs when flying and practicing your moves. Be ready for long sessions! For discoverers to the pro.



Key features:

  • For discoverer to pro: This high-performance wing impresses with its easy handling and its power. Perfectly balanced, the high power comes only into play when it is needed.
  • Easy take-off: the perfect combination of control, power and forward traction gets you in flight mode before you know it.
  • Easy handling: The wing reacts quickly and develops power only when you need it. The high stability provides the control you desire while flying and practicing your moves. You will be amazed at how easy and effortless the SCORE performs.
  • Light in low winds, stable in strong winds: The stiff frame and high canopy tension provide great power in low winds. Perfectly balanced, the wing feels light in your hands, extending your sessions. In stormy conditions, the excellent stability gives you all the control you need.
  • Perfectly placed rigid handles: The rigid handles are perfectly positioned on the strut and offer a firm and ergonomic grip for direct steering and extended sessions. The rounded corners spare your equipment. The innovative ENSIS Click Fix mounting system offers the perfect option for flying with a harness.
  • Direct power: The rigid handles allow a very direct power transmission. The rather thick strut and segmented leading edge provide a highly stiff frame and pronounced canopy tension. These features translate into an impressive and direct power.
  • Like a friend by your side: When surfing the waves, you’ll appreciate the direct response to your inputs combined with the silence when heading downwind letting the wing simply fly in the wind by your side.
  • Clear view: This is what you need at a busy spot: a clear view for safety reasons. The windows are ideally placed and made of an exclusive tempered film, featuring optimal elasticity and durability. The high performance of the ENSIS wing remains unchanged.
  • Best quality, precise processing: ENSIS wings are built from the highest quality materials and finished with precision. This ensures an exceptionally robust and durable wing.


Tech features:

  • ENSIS Click Fix mounting system: allows an ultra-rigid connection to the strut. Several reinforcements in the strut ensure a durable, tearproof attachment of the mounting plates to the strut.
  • Direct steering and easy gripping: The strut shape allows very direct steering of the wing while keeping the handles within easy reach.
  • Comfort and firm grip: The unique egg-shaped cross-section and rather small diameter provide a firm grip and comfort for small and large hands, extending your sessions.
  • Durable windows: The outstanding ENSIS windows are made of an exclusive tempered film, proven to be highly durable in the cold Swiss winter and in the tropics.
  • Pack approved windows: The ENSIS window material can be packed into a small bag without compromising its performance, integrity or durability.
  • Robust and durable canopy: ENSIS wings are made using the highest quality fabric available on the market. The canopy is a triple ripstop made in Japan proven to have the best stiffness-to-weight ratio.
  • Resistant front tube: The leading edge is reinforced against abrasion at every segment’s connection, specifically in the wing tip area where heavy-duty material is used.
  • Fast one pump system: The strut auto inflates and deflates using two valves with a wide hose diameter of 9mm enabling quick inflation and deflation.
  • High-quality seams: The leading edge and strut closing seam are built with an added reinforcement layer of insignia, using the highest resistance thread made in the UK. This enables the ENSIS wings to have the most rigid frame possible.


Package includes:

  • Wing
  • High quality backpack
  • Hand wrist leash

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