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Ensis Pacer 1700 Carbon Wing Foil Set ( 950 Sabfoil)

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This ENSIS PACER 1700 is a sabfoil 950 ( 1350cm sq2 )front wing with out sabfoil graphic. If you want a lighter wind set up, you can but any of the sabfoil surf wing front foils to change the characteristics of this foil wing setup.

High Aspect Foil : Wing / Surf The new ENSIS foils perform with an optimal ratio of span and area. The thin profile of the front wing makes the foils incredibly quick and easy to control. The 71cm fuselage makes the foil super manoeuvrable and yet sufficiently stable.

The ENSIS PACER 1700 with Sabfoil manufacturing  for wing foiling.

ENSIS have set out with the goal to make the best all-round high performing foil on the market. A combination between control and agility, power and finesse. This goal has become a reality by combining the best materials and manufacturing processes, with a dedicated and knowledgable design team.

The 100% carbon mast fits perfectly into the tapered socket in the custom CNC aluminium fuselage. The 71cm fuselage sports one of the epic 1700/2000/2400 ENS!S front wings, all featuring a hand laid carbon construction, and a universal 450 stab fin at the rear. The front wings are interchangeable allowing you to customise your setup to the conditions.

The above details combine to make a truly special foil. Light but strong, agile but smooth. With this wing you get a foil setup that can suit beginners to experts, it will take your wing foiling to another dimension.

ENSiS or sabfoil PACER 1700 wing for foil.
For light riders, Downwind Foiling and experts in Wing Racing.
Wing Size: 2-5 – 6.0 Light wind, Rider Wight: 45 – 65 kg Allround / 65 – 90 kg Highwind/Race
Windrange: 12 – 35 knts