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Gloves & Hoods

We stock a wide range of wetsuit gloves, hats, and balaclava-style hoods that will help you to maintain a comfortable body temperature, whatever the weather. If you regularly participate in water sports when the conditions are very cold, investing in a hooded full suit could make sense. However, for those who primarily enjoy surfing, water skiing or wakeboarding during the summer, and only occasionally take to the water when the temperature is really cold, separate gloves and hats are a better option.

High Quality Gear

With leading brands such as O’Neill, Patagonia, Mystic and Ion from which to choose, you can be sure that whatever you buy will have been manufactured to exacting standards, from high quality materials. All of the items that we sell have been picked as being representative of the best in their category and should ensure that you are able to stay warm even when the water temperature starts to drop significantly. If it is not quite cold enough for a full hood, we recommend wearing one of our neoprene caps, and you can add a pair of good quality gloves to ensure that your hands and fingers are protected too. read more

Extreme Temperatures

If you are brave enough to participate in water sports during the winter months, something like a Mystic Merino wool Hood is a good choice as far as wetsuit hats are concerned. Throw on a pair of Ion Claw Kitesurfing gloves as well and you should be good to go in even the coldest weather. read less


21 Products

21 Products