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Wetsuit Boots

When you're out surfing, or enjoying any water sports, it's important to protect your feet. A good pair of wetsuit boots will keep your feet warm, and means that when you're out on the water, you don't have to worry about treading on a rogue shell or rock. At Boardworx, we offer a selection of comfortable, practical boots, as well as wetsuit shoes, from top brands such as C-Skins, Ion Plasma, and Mystic, with a selection to suit surfers, wind sailers, and all sorts of water enthusiasts.




Although footwear for surfing is generally made from stretchy neoprene, the same fabric as wetsuits, most wetsuit boots also have a flexible yet sturdy sole, giving you extra stability when you're learning something new. Boots from ATAN Mistral for example, have soles dipped in latex, allowing you to still enjoy the feeling of barefoot freedom, but giving you some extra grip so you can feel confident when you are out on your board. read more


Split or round toe?


Within our range of wetsuit boots, you'll find both split toe and round toe options, and different surfers have opinions on what they find comfortable. Round toe boots such as those made by Prolimit are often warmer for cold waters, allowing you to enjoy the ocean no matter what the weather, without the freezing feet. Larger brands such as O'Neill sell both options, with split toes ideal for summer surfing, and many surfers reporting that they give a more barefoot feel.


Best quality


Quality is essential when it comes to footwear, and Boardworx's selection of wetsuit boots and shoes come from well known brands such as Rhino and Xcell. If surfing and water sports are your passion, then good quality, sturdy boots are a great investment, allowing you to brave the water at any temperature. read less


20 Products

20 Products