Weird Fish Guitars Organic Cotton Tee Blue Mirage


Mr Salmon, Bring me a Bream... We couldn't resist. The ultimate t-shirt for all musicians and music lovers. The Guitars T-Shirt has three funky looking fish guitars and Weird Fish branding, so you know you can jam with the Shoal anytime you like!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Perfect Gift for Music Lovers
  • Weird Fish Flag Label Detail

100% Cotton, this Weird Fish T-Shirt is great for the everyday.

Organic cotton produces 46% less greenhouse gas than standard cotton production, and uses less water thanks to healthy soil created through banning hazardous pesticides and fertilizers. We aim to expand our use of organic cotton across our product range, in our gradual leaps towards a more sustainable future.

Grown without pesticides, this fabric alone uses 88% less water than normal cotton.

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