Tootega Hydrolite Pulse 85 Kayak Lightweight

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Lightweight Sit On Top Kayak or Lightweight Sit On Kayak
The Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite, a lightweight sit on top kayak that’s ideal for paddlers up to 90kg. The Pulse Hydrolite offers all the same great features as that of the standard Pulse 85 but it offers a weight saving of about 4kg.

Tootega have managed to achieve this weight saving by using a white-water grade plastic and using a vast amount of extra insulation during their moulding process. The reduction in weight makes the Pulse 85 easier and lighter to carry. When on the water it also gives added levels of performance. This is a great step forward for younger and older paddlers, especially when it comes to getting the kayak on and off the roof of cars and motor homes.

The Pulse 85 Hydrolite features a moulded in seat that has a high back for comfort. With the addition of the paddled high back seat further comfort and support is easily achieved. The moulded in footrests give support and control of the sit on kayak. Further support and control can be obtained by using a set of kayak thigh braces. The rear of the kayak has a moulded in tank well and this offers perfect storage for a kayak dry bag  Further storage is also available in the centre of the boat in the form of a kayak storage hatch. The man handling of the kayak to and from the waters edge is easy due to the front, rear and side grab handles. All of these are moulded in for maximum levels of strength. There is also a kayak paddle park located on the right hand side of the kayak for when you are having a rest and want to keep your kayak paddle safe!


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