Surflogic Wetsuit Accessories Hanger - Blue


Surflogic Wetsuit Accessories Hanger | Blue 

Surflogic have come up with this must have for any surfer the wetsuit boot and glove drying rack / hanger. Drying your boots and gloves faster helps to stop them smelling and  having them dry ready for your next session quicker.

New for this year the Surflogic Wetsuit Accessories Hanger is great for storing and drying off all your wet equipment.

This hanger features 360 degree rotation for greater ease of storage.

It is light, durable and portable - allowing you to take it along on all your watering adventures.

This hanger can withstand all your wet equipment being durable and strong.

Perfect for water sports enthusiasts that own wetsuit accessories.

The perfect hanger to keep your items neat, out of the way as well as a place for them to dry off.

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