Slingshot Phantasm Kite 633 Foil Kitesurfing Kite Hydrofoil Package


Slingshot Phantasm Kite 633 Foil Kitesurfing Kite Hydrofoil

I think this must be the first foil in direct compertition to the moses onda 633, I was worried as most slingshot produts are heavy so it was lovely to see the full carbon mast is lighter than the moses mast, the front wing though is 350ish  grams heavier. ( 738 grams to approx 1100 0 but I must say the sling shot wing feel like it could take a knock, my moses ones can not and require constant attention. The lack of a bag with the moses stuff frustrates me, but the slingshot has a brilliant bag and even bags within bags, The mast cerianly looks a million bucks with its wide carbon weave and a dull finish not the gloss finish of the moses. The slinghot just has a 92cm mast but I think there is a 72 cm mast coming soon.

The Phantasm 633 is a high-performance carbon freeride foil with tons of versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction. The Phantasm 633 is made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon, but with a larger, lower aspect front wing that gives it tons of lift, stability and dynamic performance at lower speeds. At higher speeds, the Phantasm 633 will track and retain its stability which aids in setting up for jibes and tacks, but also will prevent over-foiling.

The Feel and Experience of the PFI 633 Wing...

The larger surface area of the PFI 633 front wing, combined with the efficiency of carbon means it has a huge wind and speed range. The wings unique inverted gull shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and a self-centering flight you have to feel to believe. The Phantasm 633 package was built to provide you with maximum free ride performance. With equal parts: Speed, Stability, Lift, and Manoeuvrability  this is the most predictable and user-friendly foil on the market.


  • Simply put: this is the best all around performance foil on the market

  • The perfect blend of Speed, Stability, Lift, and Maneuverability

  • Progress quicker and easier than ever before with smooth unmatched stability

  • The stiffest carbon mast on the market results in the most predictable ride no matter your speed or style

Package Includes:

PFH 633 Front Wing, PS 400 Stabilizer, 710 Fuselage, 92 Mast, Neoprene Wing Covers, Carrying Case

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