Slice Surfboard Tri Ultra light Fins S5 FCS Green


Set of three ultra light fibreglass surfboard fins.

Slice fins have a fuller foil for more drive, with 8mm hex core construction making them extra tough and light .

S5s are fantastic all rounders suitable for mid weight riders for every day use.

Compatible with any FCS fin box. The Slice S5 fin is based upon the FCS M5 series.

The construction is a resin transfer moulded product made using only the best resins and fibre glass cloth, with an 8mm internal Hex Core construction for maximum weight reduction and incredible strength.

The S5 has a fuller foil for more drive and is a perfect all round fin for everyday use, beach breaks and mid-weight surfers.

Comes with a Free carry case and fin key.

SIZE S5 - BASE: 107.84mm HEIGHT: 111.71mm RAKE: 64.6 degrees

Produced using top of the range resins and fibre glass cloth Hex core for incredible strength with minimal weight Resin Transfer moulding All Foils computer Designed

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