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Sabfoil Front Wing 945 - 1300 cm2 Wing Surf Wind Foil

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SABFOIL front wing W945 is born for pure surfing: the bigger surface and the longer chord with respect to its little sister W940 guarantee better stability and a higher lift, making it easier to surf among waves.

The 945 front wing is the ideal choice for surfers who are looking to take on medium-power waves in low wind conditions. Crafted with a flat profile, high surface area and moderate aspect ratio, this product provides an equal balance of manoeuvrability and lift while delivering discrete speed - making it the perfect all-around tool.

For those who seek a surfing experience like no other, the 945 front wing offers unparalleled performance and manoeuvrability. This remarkable front wing allows for carving, acceleration and smooth wave riding - perfect for experienced surfers looking to take their game up a notch or newbies just getting into the sport. With its dynamic capabilities providing plenty of thrills on every ride, time in the water has never been more rewarding!