Red Paddle Boards 11'3 Sport Carbon Nylon Package 2021 Due June

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New for 2021: The Speed Tail. This brand new feature across the Sport range offers enhanced speed and nippy manoeuvrability. The rubberised edge on the tail aids water release and increases speed.

Who's it for? Paddlers looking for an-all-round board suited to covering some distance.

Compared to the Ride range, The Sport boards are all quicker and easier to keep tracking in a straight line. It's not all about outright speed, but if you can geg moving quicker for the same amount of effort, you will travel further and see more

The secret lies in the boards sleek shape which cuts through the water cleanly, and the drawn-out nose section gives them more glide across the water. The

The additional width of the 1Sport offers the same great stability as the Ride making it perfect board in the Sport range for most riders. For those looking to go on longer touring trips then the Sport is also worth considering.

We get a lot of customers thinking the Ride range is the best for them, but if you are going to be covering distance rather than surfing, the Sport range is worth looking into! Come and give them a go on the water and you will feel the difference straight away.

The 2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3" SPORT board when inflated measures -

  • Length -11.3 feet
  • Width - 32 inches
  • Thickness - 4.72 inches
  • Volume - 306 litres
  • Weight - 9.9 kg
  • The 2021 Red Paddle Co 11 f oot 3 inch Sport package when packed in its Red Paddle Co. Back Pack with pump and three piece paddle measures
  •  Tall - 90 cm
  • Width - 50 cm
  • Depth - 35 cm
  • Weighs - 15.0 kg

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