Ozone Hyperlink V2 Foil Kite


Ozone Hyperlink V2 Foil Kite one of the easiest friendly foil kites out there the ideal kite for your first sessions on a hydrofoil kiteboard.

These kites usually have a 3-28 lead time.

The Hyperlink V2 is the ultimate multipurpose kite available today… It bridges the gap between inflatable and foil kites. It's as dynamic and engaging to ride as an inflatable and combines the high performance characteristics of a foil. 


The Hyperlink V1 was ahead of its time, opening up a whole new foil kite experience. Its uniqueness lies in the handling similarities to an inflatable kite and the simplicity of the bridles paired with the performance of a foil kite. Its innovative valve design made the Hyperlink truly versatile for water, land or snow riding. 



Our latest bridle calculation enhances load distribution and combined with a new arc improves overall performance of the V2. The handling is sharper with a refined bar feeling that is closer to the feel of an inflatable kite.

NEW MATERIALS - Only One Version

The V2 has had a full material makeover and will come in one version only. The new material is as light as the V1 Ultralight version and has all the benefits of performance. It is more durable, much better at holding air and has a coating that repels water.


The valves have been redesigned and repositioned, working in unison with a new internal structure to increase inflation efficiency and drainage.


The new internal structure now incorporates our industry leading Re-Ride Release system for improved Snowkiting safety. 


With unparalleled stability, lighter weight, improved handling and bar feeling the V2 design takes it to the next level.

It excels on all surfaces, with our innovative valve design it can be set up for the water, snow and land, as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite.
The Hyperlink comes standard in 4-Line Closed Cell Mode, this is recommended for water use. It utilises our simple and effective Front Line Flag Out Release System and works the same way as our 4-line inflatable water kite range. 

The optional 5-Line Open Cell Mode incorporates our Internal Re-Ride Release System and comes as a Conversion Kit. This is recommended for snow or land use. 


The Hyperlink V2 features an all-new material combination with a durable, airtight and lightweight double rip-stop for the upper and lower surfaces. 
The new material has a unique formulated coating to help shed water, improving flying characteristics and water re-launch. 
The Hyperlink V2 is durable and strong, while being as lightweight as the V1 Ultralight version.  


The Hyperlink V2 is a mid aspect ratio design incorporating a minimalist bridle set up, ensuring the kite is user friendly for those taking the leap from inflatable to foil kites. 
- New valve design and position with a new internal structure also increases inflation efficiency.
- New drainage valves at both wing tips seal to keep air in, and open up when water needs to drain out.


The ability to safely self-land a kite on the snow or land is a crucial feature when adventuring the backcountry or high mountain areas. 
We have completely re-designed the Hyperlink V2 internal structure and inflate valves to incorporate our industry leading Internal Re-Ride Release System for use in the fifth line mode – the same system featured on our dedicated Snowkites. 
The Internal Re-Ride Release System de-powers the kite instantly without tangling, and falls to the ground to re-launch when ready.

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