Moses Hydrofoil 633 Onda 91cm mast Foil complete Kitesurfing


High Lift at very low speeds I have been informed this is is also a amazing light wind foil for kitesurfing, the 91 mast and the massive front wing gives amazing light wind ability and very friendly performance.

Playful foil

The 5 to 25 knots speed range says it all. Large surface, unique inverted gull wing design, and concave bottom will allow you to ride at walk speed with plenty of stability and control while keeping an incredible top end speed and carving ability even with the smallest radius turns


  • 910mm length
  • Full carbon
  • Aluminum 6082 fuselage


  • Surf / Sup / Pump foil 6082 aluminum 710 fuselage
  • Mast Onda 91
  • High lift front wing 633
  • All round stabilizer 483
  • Hardware
  • Instructions

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