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Kitefix Dacron Repair tape Kite Kitesurfing

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Color: Red

KiteFix Self-Adhesive Dacron
Our self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a GluFix and FiberFix repair on the leading edge or
struts of your kite. Just heading out on the water and notice that your canopy has a tear in it? Use our
Dacron to make a quick, temporary repair to hold you for that session. Sold in single rolls and available
in white, black, green, red and blue.See our blog for a step by step guide to repairing your leading edge
using the Kitefix Self-Adhesive Dacron. Includes: Each roll is 2"wide x 48" long.
For great help in using the kitefix products check out there blog

Customer Reviews

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Perfect tape to have in the emergency chest

Bought some of this tape after many reviews of what to do if a small stress tear appears on your wing. In my case two and they are small 1cm to 2 cm respectively. The material for Wings is very thin, the stress exposed to in my case quite high as the wing has a very large wingspan and I am heavy (100 kg). Thus, me using the wing normally as you would put a larger amount of force through it then a lighter person, especially when pumping to get up. If you follow the instructions to the letter, making sure the kite material is super clean and deflated then this tape can be used on the sheet and in my case leading edge. BUT this is a 2-day fix on the leading edge. The Wing must get a serious repair before it can be used properly again. I see this tape a bit like a get me home wheel. It will do a job for a couple of days and save further damage, but the Wing won't be doing anything special, just be happy to go and avoid crashing. Applied correctly (more is more, the glue holds the edge by volume of tape, not just enough to cover the hole), the tape does really well. The Wing performs as it would, and the damage is halted till repair comes. I would recommend a role in the van, just in case. BORDWORX delivery and customer care was great, makes the process super easy, advice given was also very good. I recommend them.