Ion Windsurfing Footstrap Black

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Ion Black Windsurf Foot straps come without screws as standard and are supplied per 1. You should still have the screws from your old tires. The Foot Straps have 3 holes for the screws, some boards only use the middle, others the outer 2. This differs per board. You should keep the plastic clips under your screws, you will need them with your new foot straps.

You can adjust the foot straps by means of Velcro. The adjustment of your foot straps is different for everyone. Speed surfers often only want to put their forefoot in the tires, where freestylers want their footstrap up to the instep. You often see a kind of horse hoof pattern.

For a novice windsurfer you set the straps a bit wider so that you can easily get into the tires, make sure that you can also get out easily, otherwise you will be stuck in the foot straps in a crash.

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