Futures F4 Thermotech Thurster Set surf board fins

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The F4 is one of Futures most popular fins. A balanced template that performs in a variety of conditions. The medium base and tip help you generate your own speed and stay on rail.
Technical Description

This is a set of three fins.

Height: 4.38 in, 11.10 cm
Base: 4.22 in, 10.70 cm
Area: 14.22 sq in, 91.74 sq cm

Fin Size:

Futures give each fin a size rating, each size has a recommended rider weight range, so you can easily work out whether a set of fins is going to be a good size for you.

This set of fins is rated: Small - they are designed for a rider weight range of: 65 lbs - 155lbs (30kg - 70kg)


Thermotech is Futures new composite material, it is lightweight, stiff and offers consistent flex.

Flat Foil:

Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. If you have muscle memory from riding glass-ons, flat foiled fins will feel the closest.

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