Ensis Wing Foil Board Rock 'n' Roll Wing Hydrofoil


Ensis the maker of the famous Spin and score wings brings you the Ensis Rock 'n'rool wing foil boards. An intermediate design with large concaves, helping you when you need to get up and going or touch down.

What you get with the board, straps, and bag:

  • Ensis Rock ‘N’ Roll Board
  • 3x Ensis Footstraps
  • Ensis Box Walled Bag

Ensis Foil wing Board Rock and Roll Wing Hydrofoil.
 Negative outline
 Compact outline, no swing weight
 V- Shape double concave bottom, easy planning
 Tail kick bottom, easy pumping, early planning
 Nose kick, save nose dive, easy jumping
 Concave deck, control, control, control
 Foostraps, 1:1 or 2:1

Check out this great review on this great ensis 97l Wingboard

Deck handle, balanced bottom handle, easy carrying
Custom Carbon Sandwich Technology, light and solid
Grooved diamond deck pad with tail kick

Reinforced double US foil box

Custom Carbon Sandwich Construction
The Ensis custom carbon sandwich construction is the best technology on
offer, combining the highest build quality and best possible performance.
It makes the board pop out the water with ease. Due to the custom
construction the board feels very light when in the air and the swing
weight is reduced to a minimum. This makes the board more accessible
for everybody who chooses the best option for his/her ride. For expert
riders spins and jumps will be easier than ever, taking you to the next level.
Reinforcements in the stance area give the board a crisp feeling all
steering impulses are directly transmitted to the carbon reinforced foil box
and give you a very direct control over the foil.

Negative Outline
The revolutionary outline supports the Rock and Roll in many ways. The wide
nose and tail give you the important stability to get started even in
choppy water. The wide tail allows you to step into the back strap before
you start and stays nicely balanced in the water. Once you start
accelerating, the board keeps going in a very straight line without going
left or right regardless of whether you use a wing, a paddle or just the
power of a wave. In light wind conditions the negative outline enables
you to foil much earlier  the pumping is so easy. Once you fly on the foil
and your nose drops down or touches a chop  the wide nose goes
through it very smoothly and pops you back up on the foil immediately.
With this revolutionary shape the boards can be built much shorter and
more compact without losing the advantages of a longer outline. The
bigger surface and the concave deck give you all the control you need.
Once you fly on your foil you will feel the difference. Just like dancing on
the water.

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