Duotone Vario Combo Pad Set


The Duotone Vario Combo has been completely reworked and is now easier to mount, more compatible and more comfortable.

The new design of the Vario Buckles features modified strap insertions that substantially simplify mounting.

The ergonomically shaped Vario Pad still convinces with its high comfort and the proven anti-slip structure guarantees a firm grip in all situations.

The new Duotone Vario Strap offers increased size adjustment through the optimized Velcro closure. Adjusting the size is now much quicker and easier.

This is particularly important if you have to use neoprene booties in cold conditions or if different riders use the same board.

The Vario Combo is compatible with all Duotone Kiteboarding boards of any product generation.

Mount them easily onto any kiteboard.


  • Pre-curved ergonomic shape
  • Simple mounting
  • Heavy-duty double locking Velcro closure
  • Increased size adjustment of the Vario Straps
  • 3D Molded Footbed
  • Anti-Slip Structure

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