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Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/LAB 4.5m

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Size: 4.5m

Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/LAB 

The best lightest Foil wing on the market, the New D-lab unit from Duotone is here at boardworx. We sell other wings for wing foiling also here at the shop.

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Forget what you think you know about wings, the Unit D/LAB has arrived and sets a new benchmark of wing design.

With over 15% in weight savings and 50% higher stiffness when compared to the original Dacron version, the performance of the Unit D/LAB will blow your mind.

Throwing convention out of the window, this is the latest offering carrying the prestigious D/LAB label which is synonymous with leading innovation and technology, breaking the boundaries of what was thought to be possible.

The Duotone Laboratory uses the most cutting edge materials and design techniques, putting material and development costs aside with the sole focus on developing the ultimate product possible.

The Unit D/LAB is the first high-end wing to come out of the Duotone laboratory. Using the latest version of Aluula fabric in combination with new construction features reduces the weight and sets a whole new standard in lift, flex and response.

The Unit D/LAB isn’t just a lighter version of the Unit; the performance has been significantly improved, allowing you to fly earlier, with more grunt getting you up on foil sooner. You’ll experience improved acceleration and higher upwind angles even in lighter winds.

The wing generates incredible amounts of lift and power even in the slightest breeze, making foiling possible in close to no wind with the larger sizes while being able to fly higher, with extra hang time for jumps and additional lift throughout transitions.

The character of the Unit range is tailored for stable and effortless drift when riding waves and swell. With the comfort and control of our new rigid handles combined with the extra grunt and lift of the wing, the Unit D/LAB excels across disciplines from surfing waves, sending jumps all the way to freestyle and freeride.

The D/LAB version of the Unit is quite simply the best wing you can get your hands on!

Customer Reviews

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This is a very impressive wing

Having heard a lot of the hype around this wing I was expecting big things and it doesn’t disappoint. Prior to getting my hands on one of these I used (and still will use) an 8m F-One CWC for light wind and then next is my quiver is a 5.5m Strike V2 (also a fantastic wing). I wanted something to bridge the gap between the two and the 6.5m Dlab is perfect.

My first session using this wing took a little getting used to for pumping as it involves a slightly different technique than the Strikes. This greatly improved on the second session once I’d found more of the knack. Once up and foiling the wing is a pleasure to work with. Steering and power control feels effortless and you can either relax and enjoy the ride or sheet in and crank up the speed and engagement with the wing. It goes upwind incredibly well and gusts are dealt with unproblematically whether you want to ditch or hold on and enjoy the boost. With my CWC I find that at times a gust can catch me off guard.

I’m still learning to gybe on foil but even after a few runs my success rate increased. As the wing is so light it makes it easier to manoeuvre and turn, especially in light winds when your apparent wind is greater than the actual wind which would normally see me running into the wing mid turn. It’s also good to have the rigid handles to easily grab on to and help bring the wing around.

My second session out saw winds drop to about 6-8 knots just as I was about to venture out. I expected to abort the session as I was convinced the offshore wind was too low and disrupted to be any good. Despite having to wait for a gust and sometimes pumping until I nearly died I did manage to get up onto the foil and have a half decent session. I can’t say for sure whether the 8m CWC would have fared better (some reviews I’ve read say the CWC has the edge at the low end) but having such a light wing in these conditions does help with fatigue.

Due to the rigid handles I would try to keep these away from your board if possible more so to avoid damaging your board than the wing. When falling in I found pushing the wing away from the board was easy enough to prevent them coming into contact.

The recommended pressure of the wing is 6 psi but I’ve read that it may help in very low wind conditions to drop this slightly to help with pumping on to the foil.

Packing away is no issue. There’s the main valve on the leading edge, a dump valve on the handle bladder and one at the wing tip. It does take slightly longer to deflate than my Strikes but it’s no big deal.

Overall I think that if your budget can stretch to it then this is certainly a wing to have in your quiver, more so to suit your light wind range. The smaller wing sizes are probably great for more experienced riders or those doing jumps and tricks but for me I’d rather stick with something more affordable to cover the higher winds. I’ve yet to experience the upper limits of this wing which I think is about 20 knots but as I’d change down to my 5.5 before this I’m not too concerned.

Buy one! (They tend to sell out quick for good reason)

For info at the time of this review I’m 80kg and ride the 95l Sky Free Fanatic / Duotone board (which is also a fantastic board).