Duotone Dice Kite kitesurfing 2022-2023


Duotone Dice Kite kitesurfing 2022-2023 Freeride Kite.

Duotone Dice Kite kitesurfing 2022-2023 is a performance Freeride kite. Boardworx loves this kite for it's great freestyle kitesurfing.

The Duotone Dice will help you jump high.

The best kite bar for the Duotone Dice Kite kitesurfing 2022-2023 kite is the Click Bar giving you great kite control. The Duotone Dice will charge up wind and has a big depower range. It will launch you in to the air with a great deal of power.

 It has very precise steering that is needed for boosting and freestyle manoeuvres. This is crucial when controlling the kite. The Dice is perfect for kite loops and unhooked pop transitions. Set the pigtails for big air jumping, looping or unhooking.

  Specialist construction for reduced weight which gives a great feel through the bar. Every single detail has been checked and weight was optimised to reduce the overall weight. The dice has a pulley less bridle system, this kite does not need pullies and this makes for a very smooth direct feel.

At the same time, the team wanted it to perform for unhooked tricks too, making it a really versatile performer. This year the weight of the kite has been reduced to improve the flying characteristics. The bridle has been tuned a lot with the pulley less design offering a very precise feel.

These design changes for 2021 combine modern materials with an absolutely solid frame construction. This helps the kite to react very precise and responsive, yet being super stable in gusty or high wind conditions.

For freestyle the Duotone Dice delivers a good amount of slack just after you pop.  This allows you to throw the latest tricks with ease. The fast nature of the handling also lends the Dice well to wave riding, and the reduced weight improves the drifting capabilities.

If you want a really high-performance all-round kite, then the Dice is the choice for you. No matter what the conditions it is ready to go and when the conditions get wild, then the Dice will be there ready to help you fly!


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