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Duotone Carbon Wing set Carve 950 front wing 216 winglett 2022-23

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Duotone carbon Wing set Carve 950 front wing 216 winglett 2022 Kitesurfing hyrdofoil, very all round performance set up.


Duotone Spirit Carve


Lift Factor LIGHT WIND

Manoeuvrability AGILITY

Surf Feel Cruising

Easy of Use ENTRY

Key Features

Duotone Spirit Carve

5% drag reduction

Compared to previous models, a 5% drag reduction could be achieved, resulting in higher top speed.

High top end due to increased stiffness

Due to the increased stiffness, the top end could be improved, higher speeds with more control are possible.

Additional back wing position

An additional back wing position was added to offer more personal tuning.

400gr overall weight reduction for mast and fuselage

The combined weight of mast and fuselage could be reduced by enormous 400 grams!

Mast geometry

The mast geometry has been developed to achieve a very light and stiff aluminimum mast.

Mast bending stiffness and torsional stiffness

A 5% higher mast bending stiffness and a 15% increased torsional stiffness is now offered.

Spirit Carve