Duotone 5th Element 5 line upgrade kit Trust Bar 2022

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Duotone Trust Bar 5th Element Upgrade Kit can only be used for the Duotone kite bars.

Add this kit to make your 4 line Trust Quad bar to a 5 line 5th Element set up.

Adding a 5th line can offer a few benefits:

Adds support to the centre of the leading edge arc which is an advantage in strong winds. It helps keep the shape of the kite solid in sky, even in very gusty conditions.

The 5 line 5th element safety system gives 100% depower when activated. Putting the kite onto it’s back into a U shape, taking out all the power

5th line relaunch is extremely helpful in low winds, especially with large kites. The 5th line allows you to position the kite on its back and slide it to the edge of the window. Bringing it off the water in marginal conditions when standard re-launch techniques will not work.

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