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Core Fusion 5 Kitesurfing Kite Board 135-40cm

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A mission-ready twintip for all your adventures is just a click away. New from the water up, the Fusion 5 features an upgraded hull, wood core, and never-been-done-before rail construction. The new shape and improved torsional stability will have you woohoo-ing like never before.

Core have developed a real cross-ride board that covers all aspects of kitesurfing without compromising on any of them. The Fusion 5 (V) is ideal for all-levels of riders and will develop your riding as you continue to improve.

Core have added an internal thermoset resin rail which massively improves the connection between the top and bottom Cartan carbon laminates for a proper unibody build. We reduced our Paulownia wood core's weight by switching to lighter laminated Paulownia, saving approximately 250g. We added a grab rail for the freestylers. And we improved the channels and outline for the freeriders.

Jump on the Fusion 5 and have incredible good sessions.


Cartan® Carbon: CORE's proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes torsional and longitudinal flex for a unique riding experience. Effectively this means more flex along the length of the board with less flex across the board (edge to edge) to smoother upwind capability and a more ease in loading up. The high filament count of the carbon also requires less resin meaning a lighter finished product

Unibody Edge: High end racing ski sidewall technology has found it’s way into twintip kiteboards! A more complete foil, carbon and resin process improves the connection between the top and bottom sheets of Cartan carbon for a truly unified construction. Replacing traditional ABS with a new 80 layer laminated, resin-activated strip, that is harder, stiffer and bonds even better, producing improved torsional rigidity as well as a board that is more capable of storing energy before release.

Lighter 3D Wood Core: A powerfully light and marine-grade, laminated wood core. Core have selection the lowest weight laminations before gluing them, to save a 250g of weight that is even stronger tha before. This 3D core gives the board dimensional stability, decay resistance and a dramatically powerful character.

New Multi-Channels: A massive double concave centre channel and smaller outer channel follow the length if the board providing extra depth for the V-Keel and incredible grip/ In addition to the centre channel, Core have added Quattro tip channels. Freestyle kiters can load the board more than ever before, whilst freeriders will enjoy unlimited upwind potential.

Katana Channels: The perfect combo of tip flex and stiffness. Continuing the same contours of the bottom tip channel into the top deck adds stiffness to better store and release energy when loading up the edge.

Beveled Deck: A 6° bevelled deck edge from tip to tip that blends into the Katana channels. This bevel decreases longitudinal flex for more pop, reduced reverse flex and more powerful edging capabilities.

Tucked Under Rails: A tucked under bottom rail between the straps that transitions to a box edge near the outer inserts. From there, the rail thins out to a sharper edge at the tips. The tucked under rail softens the ride and improves water flow, whereas the sharper tip edges add more bite.

V-Shaped Keel: Inspired by the legendary handling of deep V powerboats in rough waters, Core added a deep V-shaped keel along the entire length of the board to penertrate chop and smooth your ride.

Vee Rocker: The Fusion 5’s rocker is more pronounced under your feet and progressively reduces towards the tips.

48mm G10 Cutback Fins: A perfect balance between tracking and freestyle magic. The impact-resistant G10 fiberglass fins have just the right amount of tracking stability without getting too much in the way of switches.

 If you want to buy this board with the Large Union Pro straps please tick the complete option.

Meet the new Core Union Pro pads & straps with an improved, high-vis strap built with the split strap design for its ridiculous customization options. It gives independent form-fitting adjustability to your forefoot and midfoot. Each half of the split straps is independently micro-adjustable with its own set of velcros.

You can adjust the angle of your feet in 11 different ways to lock in your preferred stance and move your pad closer or further away from the board edge. The strap also sports 2cm of pad adjustability fore and aft to accommodate all foot sizes. That’s an insane amount of customization. Core just want to make sure it fits everyone.

The Union Pro also features subtle changes to materials and design. Core improved the footbed densities to prevent foot slippage and increase comfort. The pad ridges encourage feet to slip in and stay put. Are these pads & straps the easiest to adjust and best fitting? We think so.

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