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Carved Kite board 137cm-42cm with Custom ultra pads L 2022 Core Carbon

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Carved Custom Imperator 7 Kitesurf Board Now Available At Boardworx

A masterpiece 20 years in the making. Engineered on Fehmarn and passionately handcrafted with state of the art technology and materials. The all-new Cartan 2 powered Carved Imperator 7 is the lightest and most responsive unibody twintip ever. Built with an on-the-fly rocker adjuster, the Imperator 7 responds like no other board. Ride a masterpiece.

Experience the ultimate twintip performance and join us on a journey beyond the ordinary.


CARTAN 2: Combines untwisted, unidirectional carbon fiber strands with minimal epoxy binders into a thin, flat, 30° scrim matching the exact board size. The evenly distributed, very straight fibers result in a composite laminate with a lighter, more uniform microstructure than those produced using conventional woven-fabric pre-pregs. The Imperator’s improved filament-to-filament load transfer results in an incredibly energetic Gen7 that’s 100g lighter.

REVO: A clever rocker adjuster integrated into the grab handle instantly increases or decreases the Imperator 7’s rocker by 15mm resulting in a board that can do it all. Rocket upwind when rocker is reduced. Or increase rocker when you’re in the mood to play around.

Hull: The Imperator 7 carries over its signature features that have been perfected over 20 years. The Ellipse channels energy to the fins and edges when warranted and absorbs the rest. A double concave V-shaped keel cuts through the roughest chop and delivers incredible grip and poise. Hand-finished rails feature slightly sharper, drag-reducing, tucked under rail shapes that help carve buttery smooth turns.

Light wind approved: See, feel and experience a lightwind masterpiece. See the shimmer of the proprietary carbon fiber, feel the unique hand-finished rails, and experience the power, control, and sheer pleasure the new LW edition generates in the lightest of winds.

Handmade: Only the finest material and build quality

Ultra Lightweight: Dynamic strength in an exceptionally lightweight platform. Weight saving constructions often produce undesirable effects. Not so with the Imperator 6 where its lightweight is fortified with an innovative unibody CARTAN Carbon build

Unibody: 100% Cartan® carbon fiber envelopes a heart of Paulownia to create a unibody prodigy.

Deep Vee Keel: Cuts through undesirable chop

Double Concave: The double concaves straddle the hard keel and generate additional grip especially when loading the edge. And who does not enjoy the adrenalin rush in anticipation of a perfect launch?

Tucked 3D Rails: The hand-shaped rails feature a new hard rail design that releases water better at speed thereby reducing drag. The new “round edge with a corner” improves drag yet still leverages the Coanda effect a rounded rail generates to carve buttery smooth turns

UV Foil: Two additives are used for maximum UV protection. The surface and resin have special UV blocking additives to double the protection on your investment.

3D Wood Core: hand-selected, marine-grade, Paulownia wood core

Elliptic Flex Tip: Optimized tip flex for more control


*Every limited edition board comes with Razor G10 fin set (1,7" for 130-137, 146 & 152 ; 1,9" for 139 & 141), V4A fin screws, REVO board handle, handle screw set, and board sock.