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Cabrinha 2023 Moto X Kitesurfing Kite

Original price £1,420.00 - Original price £1,830.00
Original price
£1,420.00 - £1,830.00
Current price £1,420.00
Size: 7m

 These Kites are despatched from the warehouse and delivery will take 3-3 days.

The all-new Moto X is Cabrinha's most innovative kite yet, taking an already-versatile model to the next level. Pat Goodman's cutting-edge design, combined with the latest materials from the Cab Design Works Team, make the Moto X a kite for everyone, in any location. Its high aspect ratio promotes lift and speed, while an efficient bridle system provides precision control and manoeuvrability. An innovative mix of shapes and panels rounds out the package, delivering the perfect blend of performance and durability.

Design Profile

3 Strut, moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, Reactive wing tip, Fast, lean and efficient profiles

  • NEW: Refined, lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance
  • NEW: Static low elongation bridle for improved reactive feel
  • NEW: Sprint 3.0
  • NEW: Ultralite bladders for an overall lighter weight kite
  • NEW: Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens, Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • NEW: HTD Lite: Lightweight ultra rigid Dacron
  • NEW: Bi-direction Pure Profile Panels: the smoothest & 3d correct canopy shape
  • NEW: Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers

K3KOMOTOX007003 - Cabrinha 03S Moto X Kite 7m - RRP £1420

K3KOMOTOX008003 - Cabrinha 03S Moto X Kite 8m - RRP £1480

K3KOMOTOX009003 - Cabrinha 03S Moto X Kite 9m - RRP £1540

K3KOMOTOX010003 - Cabrinha 03S Moto X Kite 10m - RRP £1590

K3KOMOTOX012003 - Cabrinha 03S Moto X Kite 12m - RRP £1700

K3KOMOTOX014003 - Cabrinha 03S Moto X Kite 14m - RRP £1830

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