Mystic Poncho Deluxe Explore 2021



One-size-fits all, this Mystic Poncho Deluxe Explore is a super versatile, practical water wardrobe staple.

Whether you use it to get changed in whilst maintaining your modesty, or you just like to put it on after a session and slowly dry off, it's such a winning piece of kit. 

100% polyester and a snug fleece lining inside, this will keep you comfy and toasty, so you can stay out longer and enjoy. 

Our Thoughts

Ponchos have got to be one of the best staple items to have in your kit, especially if you live in a cold weather climate. A mobile change room, a user-friendly towel, an easy way to just come off the water feeling more comfortable, it's a humble hero in our opinion!

Features & Benefits

  • Windproof
  • Isolated side pockets
  • Waterproof inside chest pocket
  • Carseat protection fabric
  • Side split
  • Large hood
  • Wide arm opening
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs

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