14.5m Duotone Vegas Kite Kitesurfing Freestyle

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This kite has never been flown, but has been inflated for a show,  there is still a paper tag on the wing tip.

The Duotone Vegas is one of the most popular freestyle and wakestyle kite and is the choice of many pro riders. With Aaron Hadlow taking two King of the Air titles and riders like Lewis Crathern and Lasse Walker, all using it when the wind gets strong; and the loops get big.

The kite has an extremely stiff and stable canopy shape that generates huge amounts of lift and even more pop. The real beauty of the Vegas though is the slack that the kite has after you pop, this allows you to easily throw down new school moves and handle passes. The precise and dynamic handling of this very popular C-kite appeals to a multitude of riders. With 3 set-ups available and numerous trim options, the kite can be tuned exactly how you want it to fly.

If you want the best performing C-kite on the market, the choice of champions, accept no substitutes, ride the Vegas!The Duotone Vegas is the most refined freestyle kite on the market, and now it has the endorsement of one of the greatest kitesurfers of all time - Aaron Hadlow!

The Vegas is the synonym for a pure Wakestyle / Freestyle C-kite machine with outstanding mega loop performance. Maintaining its overall image and position as the most sold C-kite on the market, Duotone have improved its in-flight traits with pinpoint emphasis on precise handling. Having completely redesigned the middle section with extra panels and a Dacron frame to the new 3D shaped canopy, they have managed to create an extremely stiff and durable outline with better lift and even more aggressive pop with massive slack.

The Duotone Vegas has the best pop in the Duotone range, offering extreme height in jumps and powered tricks. The unique feature of the Vegas 2019 kite is the power delay - after the pop the kite has no power allowing the rider to perform their trick without the kite pulling. Kiteloops on the Vegas are precise and reliable, the kite powers through the loop with plenty of speed.

Tuning your Vegas to suit your riding style:
By tuning the kite you can create a few different set ups and allow it to suit different riding styles. On the frontlines are two settings; freestyle gives the rider more depower, more lift, precision kiteloops and very reactive steering. The wakestyle setting gives the rider more pop when unhooked, a longer “power delay” to allow easier handle passes and slightly less reactive steering so you can concentrate on the rails and kickers. The rear lines can be tuned to increase or decrease the turning speed of the kite to suit almost any rider.

Standard Free-Ride Setting:
The standard free-ride setting offers everything you would expect from a free-ride kite like loads of depower, responsive steering and predictable handling.

Freestyle Setting:
The second setting is ideal for taking your first steps into freestyle, offering noticeably harder bar pressure providing more accurate kite feedback and making steering slightly less responsive to practice unhooked tricks.

New School Setting:
The third option converts the Vegas into a fullblooded new-school / wake machine that sits deeper in the wind window and delivers consistent pull with a very limited de-power stroke. This is the preferred setting of our core freestyle team and allows you to do the most powerful kite-loops and offers the most explosive pop for powered new-school and wake tricks.

Duotone Vegas Hadlow Setup:
With Aaron Hadlow on board there are different set-ups. The first two set ups are a mix of wakestyle and freestyle with the most comfortable settings for the rider in terms of bar pressure. The ”Hadlow Set Up” has been tuned specifically for competition riding and Aaron himself featuring a special wakestyle bar connection system. The recommended Wakestyle Bar itself, already offers more slack and power release delay compared to the 5th line Trust Bar, in combination with the Hadlow Set Up is only recommended for absolute experts! Essentially the kite is very stable for performing tricks, but has a little less depower, only experienced riders need apply!

The Duotone Vegas is a pure C-shape kite that embodies radical new school riding and delivers the precision feel needed to stomp today's most technical tricks and challenge tomorrow's limits. A no-compromise design that delivers massive pop, steady pull and a predictable, direct turning radius. Pull the trigger on massive mega-loops or unhook and launch into a mobe with the assurance of rock-solid pull and steadiness.

The Vegas delivers high de-power with the widest range of use although it’s a C-kite and gives you virtually no de-power for full-on powered wakestyle. The 2019 Vegas: Style and conviction without compromise.

All sizes offer an incredibly similar feeling in both turning speed and bar load, requiring nearly no adjustment time when switching kite sizes.

Two trim options allow you to set up your Vegas in either “Classic” or “New-school” modes. Classic freestyle mode provides high de-power and gives you the most versatile range for doing big jumps, un-hooked freestyle and even venturing into the surf. New-school mode gives you less de-power, extreme stability while unhooking and less sensitive bar reaction for doing loaded power moves.

5th line Freestyle High Depower Classic Setting: Plenty of de-power and the classic Vegas feel you‘ve come to expect! This setting offers the most versatility and is ideal for free/wave riding, jumping and un-hooking.

5th line Freestyle / Newschool: Dedicated new-school feel, little to no de-power, extremely steady when unhooked and less sensitive to bar input for loaded power moves. All the safety and relaunch benefits of the 5th Element. 

Depower Behaviour:
With the New School set up the Vegas still retains some Depower but becomes less sensitive to bar sheeting and steering making it ideal for unhooking.

Duotone have completely re-worked the Vegas to cover a wider range of conditions and riding styles than ever before! A slightly lower aspect ratio and wider wing tips means very constant pull, extremely tight kite loops and improved low end grunt to please the C-kite lover in you.

As progressive freestyle kiteboarding evolves, the Vegas adapts and conquers! The Vegas is a high de-power C-design tuned for direct bar-feel and constant power to give you confidence when loading up, unhooking and throwing powered tricks and jumps.

Smooth, reactive steering gives the kite a very lively and crisp feel and also makes the Vegas perfect for kite-loops. 5th Element safety lets you go for glory with peace of mind while the Vegas' quick, easy re-launch gets you back up and riding hassle-free after a wipe-out.

Direct bar feedback allows you to feel exactly where the kite is for maximum control when un-hooking and jumping. 

Using a redefined leading edge arc, canopy profile and swept wing tips, the VEGAS challenges what was previously thought possible with a five-line kite, changing angle of attack instantly to deliver a huge power/de-power range.

Simply rigged on Duotone's 5th Element, the VEGAS has the direct bar feel and instant turning response of a c-shape kite, without the hassle of bridles or pulleys normally associated with a flat kite.

The Duotone VEGAS makes setting up for a jump almost effortless by allowing you to depower as you position the kite above your head, then sheet in for power and lift.

If you’re looking for competition performance and safety with the simplicity of five lines, then look no further . . . The VEGAS will give you all the tools you need! Simply put, the Duotone Vegas is the ultimate freestyle kite with explosive pop to elevate your riding to new levels and to refine your style. In 2019 the Vegas easily lives up to it's reputation as the definitive freestyle kite, robust construction and unmistakable style.

Main Features:

  • Real C-Kite Feeling
  • 3 Setups: Wakestyle / Newschool / Freestyle High Depower
  • Constant Power
  • Lazy One Pump System
  • Loaded 5th Line Concept flies with constant tension on the 5th line making it incredibly direct when sheeting in and out and gives it a consistently solid and steady bar feel.
  • Short and Direct depower stroke
  • Built-In Power Delay for Wakestyle manoeuvres
  • Sheeting Force for different bar pressure options
  • Moderate Aspect Ratio
  • Competition / New School kite
  • Cambattens - crispier feel, better range, better low end
  • Easy water relaunch
  • Massive depower / huge wind range
  • Easy to jump
  • Inflatable Tips
  • Designed for Loaded 5-Line Control Bars

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