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Kitesurf Kites

Our comprehensive range of kitesurfing kites often at great discounted and special offer prices includes kite surfing kites from the largest brands in the world, at highly competitive prices. We stock beginner, intermediate and advanced kites so whatever your skill level, you are sure to find what you need in our online store. At Boardworx, previously known as Whitstable Windsurfing, we have been involved in the sale of kitesurfing equipment since the sport first started to become popular and have extensive knowledge of the various kites and designs that are on the market today. This means that we are ideally placed to offer help and advice to those who are new to the sport as well as to more advances surfers who are looking to upgrade their setup. We stock current and last year’s designs, with very generous discounts available for older equipment.

Great Performance

If there is one common denominator that ties together all the equipment for sale in our store, it is performance. As keen kitesurfers who are regularly to be found on the water, we only sell kites that we believe are among the best in their class and that we would be happy to use ourselves. Our location in Beach Walk, Whitstable affords us ample opportunity to test the latest designs to hit the shops and to see if all the hype that surrounds them is justified or not. Whether you have a strong preference for a particular manufacturer, such as North, Ocean Rodeo, Duotone or Mystic or you just want to get your hands on the best kites available each year, you can rely on us to give you the lowdown on the models in which you are interested.

Special Deals

If you are interested in buying other gear, such as a board or bar, as well as a new kite, it is worth checking the details page for the kites in which you are interested or giving us a call, to find out if there are any discounts currently available. We often run special deals for items that are bought together, in an effort to provide you with even better value for money. Kitesurfing is not the cheapest of water sports as far as equipment is concerned but if you buy from us you will be surprised at just how much you can get for your money. The kitesurfing kites for sale that you can find in our shop are all attractively priced and can be shipped to UK addresses for free.

Different Styles

Whether you are into wave riding, course racing, jumping or freeriding, you can find a kite that is perfect for you in our store. All of the major brands, including Naish, Best, F-One and Slingshot, produce models that are great for freestyle enthusiasts as well as kites that are designed for wave riders and other specialists. Take a look at what we have in stock at the moment or get in touch if you would like a personal recommendation; we aim to ensure that all our customers get what they want.

22 Products

22 Products