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Kitesurf Boards

Being riders ourselves we’ve handpicked the finest selection of Kite boards for you to choose from. We have the latest from the F-One Mitu Pro to the super adaptable Duotone Gonzales & X Ride . No matter how you roll, we’ll have a kiteboard that is just right for you. Any questions you might have, just give us a call or checkout our quick board overview.


There are two basic kitesurf boards, the twin tip and the directional surfboard shape.

Twin tip - is the rectangular board, which most beginners start on; it has the advantage of letting the kite rider keep their feet locked in all the time.

Foot straps do give you confidence to get on the board and get going, but they stop the rider moving around on the board, and are always in the way when you jibe. So, if you’re feeling progressive try and learn without them.Top tip, if your struggling, just try it with the front strap to begin with.

Surfboard shaped boards - Push the rider into learning to swap the feet whilst turning the board. They also differ from traditional surfboards as they have reinforced decks. A normal surfboard will snap, or heel dent badly if used as a kiteboard. This is due to the loads the rider will be putting down through the board.

Typically a 80Kg rider will probably need a board length of around 137-40cm.The longer and wider the board in, it will help the board to plane earlier, but if you go much bigger than 151-44cm it may still plane nice and early, but it will become quite bouncy when used in winds over 20 knots. If you go smaller then the reverse is true, and in light winds it will be a problem getting up, and you will want a bigger kite to keep it going.

Having a Kitesurf board that has flex in the core will help keep the board under control, when the rider is pushing down against it. The board will bend, the rocker increases, thus helping it claw its way upwind, and also control the top end speed with the increased rocker line across a choppy sea. If you just want to go fast and not worry about control, look for a stiff board.

21 Products

21 Products