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Whether you are a complete novice or a king of the waves, you will need a good quality, comfortable harness. Although there are no hard and fast rules, and you can of course buy any of the kitesurfing harnesses on our site that take your fancy, we highly recommend that beginners go for a seat harness, simply because it will make life so much easier while you are getting acquainted with the rest of your equipment and learning basic kitesurfing techniques.read more

Seat Vs Waist Harness

If you start with a waist harness, it will tend to ride up a lot as you learn how to handle your kite, which could chafe your skin and become very annoying over time. A seat harness, on the other hand, will not ride up and because they have a lower tow point, they offer more stability for beginning riders.Waist harnesses allow for greater manoeuvrability, are more comfortable to wear when waking along the beach, and are easier to put on and take off. As with all of the water sports accessories that we stock, the range of durable harnesses we have available have all been designed with both safety and performance in mind. read less



27 Products

27 Products