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We stock a wide variety of kitesurfing bags, including all the popular styles ready for your Kitesurfing Holidays, light weight airline compatible travel bag.


Twin Tips

For riders with rectangular boards we have a selection of quality bags that can take your board, (with fins removed) two kites, a bar, pump lines and harness. Using average figures to calculate the total weight of your equipment, the total for that little lot comes to around 22kg so you need to make sure that any kiteboard bag you buy has been made using decent materials and manufacturing practices. The twin tip bags that we stock are all well-made and more than up to the job of carrying your equipment wherever you go. Directional and Travel bags

Directional Boards

We also stock surfboard kitesurfing bags designed specifically for directional boards, most of which have plenty of room for several kites in addition to your board and other equipment. Some of the kiteboard bags for sale in this category could also be used for a twin tip board so if you use both types, you do not necessarily need to buy two separate bags – unless of course you like to take both with you whenever you take to the water.


Travel Bag

A new type of bag which has just come on the market is the Mystic Elevate, this is a light 1.8kg with wheels in a very heavy canvas or Dacron (might need to put in your own cardboard or bubble pack reinforcing), but it is clever as can be folded up after use, so ideal if your living out of a car or on a boat. Some airlines talk about giving you a cheaper transport price if you are a executive golfer, and so there are bags like the 1/3 Golf Ion bag, that try and hood wink the airlines in to thinking you’re a important business executive and therefore getting a better price, but beware that often these bags are a little more shaped and contoured to look more like a golf bag so a kitesurfer might find are tight for space inside.read less