Moses 790 Onda C40 72 mast Wing Foil wingfoil

Wing foil 790 front foil 450 rear wing 72cm carbon 40% mast 710 fuselage
Wave Shape Small - Medium
Waves Priod Slow
Best For Surfing - Pumping - Downwind
Suggested For Waveriding - Freeride
Level Beginner - Intermediate - Expert

The unique design of this foil allows you to surf small waves. It's top end speed and stability make this wing ideal for use with a windwing in 15+ knots.

The self controlled lift, due to the advanced inverted gull wing design, will give you a big smile while riding.

The new mast carbon M72 C40 guarantees rigidity and precision in every type of manoeuvre.

This kit provides the performance of a carbon kit at a highly competitive price.

The profile of the mast guarantees high rigidity, inflex and torsion that allow you to use it with the largest wings available on the market.

New Carbon glass with wood core


M72C C40 Plate Mast 72 1
W790 - Carbon Front Wing 790 1
S450 - Carbon Stabilizer 450 1
FS710 - Fuselage 710 1
Socket Head Cap Screw M6x25 and washers 1
Flat Head Screw Torx M6x16 1
Flat Head Screw Torx M6x20 1
Flat Head Screw Torx M6x30 2
Flat Head Screw Torx M6x35 1
Torx, hex tip, grease  

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